We are providing you with more command and control of the entire supply chain process.

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security

QHSES aspects of operations are an integral part of how we do business. We think before we act. Our activities are planned, organized and performed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner from the management floor down to the ground level.

Management commitment to QHSES reaches our processes in a way that enables us to bring high performance to our customers every time. We are dedicated to maintain the environment in which we work and provide a safe, secure and healthy workplace for our staff and all parties involved in each project we handle. Business partners and sub-contractors are expected to demonstrate an equal commitment.

It is our goal to raise QHSES performance across all levels and our expectation to continuously improve the safety of our operations. It is our duty that project objectives do not compromise health, safety and security results. QHSES is integrated from the very beginning into the design phase of each project and continues all the way through to the actual execution.

The Expro Five Golden Safety Rules are the minimum requirements in respect of personal safety. They are key controls which all workforce and subcontractors must comply with whenever they participate in one of our operations.

Compliance – Our Global Commitment
Expro has implemented several initiatives on a global and local level, as well as established a system by which our sub-contractor and agents acknowledge our Code of Conduct and Compliance requirements.
Global: Expro’s global standards meet or exceed established legal requirements in the United States (FCPA) and the United Kingdom (UK Bribery Act).
They substantially consist of the
  • Expro Code of Conduct
  • Expro Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Expro IT Rules
  • Expro Accounting Rules
Measuring success

At Expro Projects Logistics, we measure success by providing you with more command and control of the entire supply chain process. We do this via end-to-end visibility of your project. We put in place an experienced team with expertise in planning, procurement and logistics, with strong local networks and relationships that cut through the red tape. Additionally, we institute competitive transportation pricing and can provide a single point of contact for all services. Furthermore, we have performance metrics for the daily management and continuous improvement of your supply chain. Participation in internationally recognized Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) programs and a staff who make certain trade security compliance is foundational to this process, thereby delivering quantified value to your supply chain at every step in the process.

Expro Project Logistics manages the supply chains of a large number of international companies operating today in a variety of industry verticals, including industrial and manufacturing. We provide a range of configured services and Expro Project Logistics that will help align your logistics operations with both your onshore and offshore business strategies; and our technology, people and processes will drive efficiencies and reduce costs while delivering consistent and predictable outcomes.



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