Executive Summary

EXPRO PROJECT LOGISTICS was started with a mission of providing a comprehensive tailor-made and cost effective "one stop transportation solution" to specific customers in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Power Generation, Marine and Industries sector.

With an ambitious agenda for the coming years, Experienced Professionals in Expro thrive to continually improve in our complex and constantly evolving industry and develop a sustainable and efficient logistics supply chains and modes of transport to guarantee our customers of increasing satisfaction and ultimately delivering outstanding results to our shareholders.

Being a fully integrated logistics provider, we are able to offer our customers wider range of services required under “EXPRO”. Our experienced professionals manage our customers’ sophisticated multi-modal transportation as their own business while our customers sit back and relax, knowing their logistics are in experts’ hands.

We take ownership of our customers’ sophisticated transport requirement and challenges. Our continuous improvement and commitment strive to exceed beyond our customers’ expectations.

Our vision and culture have been developed and transformed the company to gain considerable expertise in the field of project forwarding & logistic management and is capable of meeting the entire gamut of logistic needs of our customers. In this sense we are well served by our firmly founded culture with its focus on passion for innovative productivity and creating value, we could not wish for a better starting point.

We remain aware that the logistics industry is very different from yester years and today. Many of our valued customers are not only looking at simple transportation, but a distinct and bespoke service arrangement which can consist of various individual logistics experience professional elements. Today our customers are looking for a tailor-made solution and cost effective multimodal transportation for their business challenges, where we being their business partner, playing the role as their logistics experts, demonstrate our expertise and going beyond their expectation. Expro is the future of transportation!

Shawnn Suppiah

CEO, Expro Project Logistics